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Membership Requirements

TEMPORARY NOTICE: Please do not submit your dues until the membership form opens during GM1 in the fall.

Thank you :)


Submit your Membership Form



Turn in your dues



Complete 20 hours within PDA during the year


You can access and complete our membership form here. Take the time to complete the application and ensure everything is spelled correctly. Also, let us know what you want to see from UTD PDA this year!

To be considered a member for the academic year and the final step to completing your application, you must send in your annual dues of $35 through Zelle or cash. If you need to pay through a different method (like Venmo), please email us or contact the Treasurer/President for further instructions. Once we receive your payment, your name will appear on our hours sheet for the year. Our 2024-2025 club shirt and any snacks or refreshments we have at events are included with your payment!

You can earn hours by attending our monthly GMs, workshops, fundraisers, socials, and volunteering at events organized by our Event Coordinators! Of the 20 hours, 3 must be from socials. While 20 hours is the minimum to be considered an active member, we encourage you to take full advantage of your membership and attend as many events as possible to make new friends and be involved in our amazing community!

* Special exception: If you are graduating in the Fall semester, you are only required to submit $20 for your dues and complete 10 PDA hours, of which 1 must be a social.*

It is never too late to become a member! Just fill out the form, pay the dues, and you’re set! 

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