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Application Support

Congratulations on choosing the path of dentistry! We are excited to have you as a member of the pre-dental community at the University of Texas at Dallas. To help you navigate the application process, we've got a few resources that might come in handy. Check out our annual application workshop, attend our student panels, and more! If you have any questions please reach out, we are happy to help.

Click here to view the presentation!

UTD HPAC's HPE Program

HPAC’s Applicant Support Program helps UT Dallas students and alumni prepare for applying to dental school. Click here to view their website in greater detail. 


October 1st is the first day to register/submit to gain a spot in the HPE process. It is rolling admission (typically filling within a week)- so get your Bio Form in early! We recommend starting to work on essays before October 1st. Find the prompts here from the official TMDSAS website so you can get started working on all your essays as soon as possible.

Below is last year’s Bio Form (EY 2025). Besides the changes in the essay prompts, everything else should be fairly similar.

Click the button below to get started on your mock application! Simply copy the text over to the new form once it is released. 

Application Guide

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